Thanks for visiting our website, take a look at our gallery for a small snapshot of some of the vehicles we have repaired.
We can complete the vast majority of bodywork related tasks in a short turnaround and we welcome retail work as well as trader enquiries. We have specialised equipment which enable us to take on the jobs some other bodyshops turn away.

We are specialists in plastic repair and often repair where other bodyshops prefer to replace, this saves you a substantial amount of money as once we have repaired damaged plastics they are stronger than they were pre-damage.

We frequently work with a number of traders in our local area ensuring their cars are in the best condition possible before sale. If you would like to enquire about this service and receive a quoting structure, please get in touch.

We welcome images sent by either email, whatsapp or facebook messenger and we can usually provide a quote from these images.

We are open from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday. You are welcome to come down and see us with no appointment necessary. We can take a look at any damage you have, quote you to repair and book you in if you wish.